Texas Student Lawyer | What are the Consequences of a Texas Tech DWI or DUIM? | Stephen Hamilton

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Texas Criminal lawyer Stephen Hamilton discusses how Texas Tech students are affected with a DWI or DUIM.

DWI (driving while intoxicated) and DUIM (driving under the influence when you’re a minor) are both serious charges. DWI is measured by either a blood or breath alcohol content of at least 0.08, or if you’re deemed to have lost control of your normal mental and physical faculties.

DUIM is not determined by a particular level of alcohol content in your breath or blood. If you’ve had so much as a sip of alcohol and you’re under 21, you’re subject to a criminal charge, and all the penalties that come with it.

One of these charges can stand in the way of you and any subsequent education, including law or medical school, and prevent you from ever obtaining the very type of professional licenses and certifications you need to succeed or even practice in your desired career.

Many employers won’t hire you with a DWI on your record, especially if you’re still on probation. It is logical for an employer to assume that if you’ve been irresponsible once, you’ve probably done so many times before, and will likely do so again.

DWI and DUIM are notoriously difficult convictions to live with. DWI defendants who are found guilty face license suspension, heavy fines and court fees, years of administrative surcharges, probation, community service, and mandatory drug and alcohol classes. It takes years to bounce back from a DWI or DUIM conviction, and once you have one on your record, a subsequent one is decidedly more painful—it could even result in your having a felony record.

As a condition of probation, those convicted of DWI are often forced to have an ignition interlock device installed in their vehicle, and anyone convicted of DUIM is required to have this device installed.

This device requires you to take a Breathalyzer test in order to start your vehicle, then blow into it again thirty seconds later to verify it was actually you who started the vehicle and not someone else. Installation and maintenance fees are the responsibility of the offender, and the data from these devices is downloaded once a month and sent to both your probation officer and the judge.

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A Messy Miracle | Dr. Dharius Daniels

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Dharius Daniels is a cultural architect and trendsetter for his generation. He is the founder and Lead Pastor of Change Church. Change Church is a vibrant ministry that impacts people of all ages, socioeconomic classes, and ethnic backgrounds.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi, a Master of Divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary in Princeton, New Jersey, and a Doctorate of Ministry degree from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California.

He is married to Shameka Daniels and they are the proud parents of two sons Dharius Seth and Gabriel Micah Daniels. Visit Dr. Dharius on the web at www.dhariusdaniels.com.

In Wisconsin, female politicians aim to turn the state blue

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A record number of women are running for office this year, with more than 3,300 winning major party nominations for state legislature seats. NewsHour Weekend in the spring asked Republican women in the deep red state of Indiana about their motivation. Now, Zac Schultz of Wisconsin Public Television poses the same question to Democratic nominees there.

Rippavilla Plantation Paranormal Investigation – Master Bed

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– On Feb. 2013 The day before Rippavilla Plantation in Springhill TN held a “Public Invitation Paranormal Investigation” the following night.

In this clip you will hear Dudley Pitts, Rippavilla’s resident paranormal investigator is telling a story.. As he tells the story and describes a prior, unexplained event where he feels an object “Encompasses” him, this happens. Timing is everything – See what you think…

Annamarie Strawhand – Cedar Of Lebanon Psalm 92 Encouragement

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God does not want us to be like weak little saplings. He wants us to be strong, with deep roots in HIM and spreading our influence for His Kingdom like a Cedar of Lebanon! He wants to grow us as leaders and influencers – #strength #courage #influence #wisdom #Psalm92

About Annamarie Strawhand – Faith Coach and Author:
Annamarie Strawhand is an inspirational coach and mentor to thousands of her followers as well as a speaker and author. Annamarie speaks and teaches with energy and flair, delivering passion, wisdom, and purpose.

After spending many years working in professional motorsports including NASCAR, Annamarie founded Marketing at Full Speed, LLC in 2012 and created the Sponsor Attraction System™, a real-time, results based sponsorship and career training program in the world of motorsports. She has had hundreds of clients and students who have completed her programs and have successfully achieved their career goals – as well as attracted the funding, sponsors and opportunities they needed to make their dreams a reality.

As one of the most influential marketing and mindset thought leaders in motorsports, Annamarie brought an unmatched level of expertise to stages and conferences across the country with an intuitive ability to connect with audiences and high-energy that matches her high-value content and teachings. These teachings began to flow over successfully into mainstream business as well as benefitting those who wanted to find their life’s purpose or advance their careers and goals. Annamarie has been a keynote speaker featured at the Women’s Prosperity Network Conference in Palm Beach, FL, The NASCAR Hall Of Fame in Charlotte, NC, and the Performance Racing Industry Trade Show Indianapolis, Indiana to name a few.

Annamarie has now dedicated this chapter of her life to a calling that God had already planned and set up for her to step right into. Her mission is to help all people find, activate and accelerate their true purpose in what God has called them to be and do. Annamarie feels guided by the Holy Spirit and the word of God to help people grow and build their faith, and assist them on the path to fulfilled dreams. She is passionate about helping God’s people see and experience the Goodness of God manifest in their own lives, careers and business. Annamarie’s faith comes with the many journeys and experiences God has brought her through the years. This came to a clear understanding that she wanted to Promote the Goodness of God and teach others what God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ has taught her about success – a direct instruction that she heard God tell her to do. Her first “Faith At Full Speed” teaching will be featured at Oak Grove Baptist Church in May of 2017 in Virginia Beach. Learn about the event here.

Annamarie lives in the Creeds area of Virginia Beach, Virginia in the country in the area once known as “Princess Anne County” with her husband of 17 years, Michael Strawhand and their 15 year old daughter Landry Leigh. They have six chickens, a Guinea pig named Oreo, and their dog Junior a border collie mix who loves to ‘herd” the chickens. Annamarie and Landry also volunteer at a local horse rescue and saved a horse named Maverick whose story is also a healing miracle for Landry who had to overcome being bullied in school. Michael and Annamarie are also working on a YouTube video podcast series called “Princess Anne County Goods” and building a country store online so Michael can also come into his dreams and purpose side by side with Annamarie. The Strawhand’s are members of Oak Grove Baptist Church in Virginia Beach VA.

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Mountain Biking Moab, UT – Slickrock

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Slickrock is one of the most famous mountain bike trails anywhere! Its famous because its unique and very fun. I would also suggest that it is not as challenging as it’s reputation would suggest. While it is ranked expert, I think it is very rideable for most riders, the key challenge is to have sufficient strength and fitness to ride up/down the dozens of punchy climbs. On the trail you will encounter a wide range of riders, from young kids to retirees as well as the noisier motorcycles and off road vehicles. Enjoy!!

Ron’s World Trail Library:

✔ Arizona – Sedona
o Black Canyon:
o Highline:
o West Sedona Circuit:

✔ British Columbia –Kelowna
o Feel the Love:
o Smith Creek Trails:

✔ British Columbia – Nelson
o Eli Sim:
o Fairly High:
o Paper Bag:
o Turnstyles:

✔ British Columbia – North Vancouver
o 7th Secret:
o John Deer:

✔ British Columbia – Penticton
o Three Blind Mice Trails:

✔ British Columbia – Revelstoke
o Frisby Ridge:
o Ultimate Frisby:

✔ British Columbia – Rossland
o Seven Summits:

✔ British Columbia – Squamish
o Angry Midget:
o Entrails:
o Half Nelson:
o Leave of Absence:
o Man Boobs:
o Meadow of the Grizzly:
o Room with a View:
o Rupert:

✔ British Columbia – Summerland
o Test of Humanity:

✔ British Columbia – Whistler
o Downhill Park:
o Happy Hour:
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o Sea to Sky Trail:

✔ California – San Jose
o Braille Flow Trails:

✔ California – Santa Barbara
o Romero Valley:

✔ Colorado – Fruita
o Zippity Do Da –
o Joe’s Ridge/Mojoe –

✔ Nevada – Las Vegas
o Boulder City/Mother Trail:
o Red Rock Canyon/Diamond:

✔ Oregon
o McKenzie River:

✔ Utah – Hurricane
o Gooseberry Mesa:
o Guacamole:
o Jem Trail System:
o Little Creek Mesa:

✔ Utah – Moab
o Captain Ahab:
o Klondike Bluffs System:
o Navaho Rocks System:
o Porcupine Rim:
o Slickrock:
o White Rim Trail:

✔ Utah – St. George
o Barrel Roll:
o Bearclaw Poppi:
o Church Rocks:
o Paradise Rim:
o Zen Trail:

✔ Washington – Mount St. Helen
o Plains of Abraham:

✔ Washington – Winthrop
o Cutthroat Pass: